Hone-Long (Sonny) Chen

BA (Hons) RIBA

Sonny is the founder and Managing Director of KSR’s China operation. After several years as senior architect in London, with a strong track record of innovative modern design, he launched KSR’s product into China in 2003. Since then he has successfully blended European design quality and expertise into a number of large scale master planning, residential and commercial projects across the country, establishing for KSR a firm foothold in Asia and a solid foundation for further expansion into the growing Chinese market.

Sophie Sun

Sophie has cheerfully managed the China office for over 8 years and is central to its success. Her skills and versatility ensure that the office runs smoothly and efficiently.

Lito Ongtangco

Lito has been with KSR and practiced architecture in China for nine years. His calm and incisive demeanor combined with design flair, professional skills and experience has made him an esteemed and trusted senior member of KSR. L2 loves to travel and explore diverse cultures and cuisines.

Danilo Sumagui

As a senior member, he has been responsible for many significant projects. Dan’s extensive experience in design development and production has made him a valuable member of the team.

Kenny Fu

Kenny has a great ability for creating quick and intuitive solutions to problems that can arise within the development of a design. His detail-oriented and slick approach to CAD is reflected in his smart dress sense.

Shawn Leishman

Shawn joined KSR China in 2016 after graduating with a Masters degree in Architecture from the University of Dundee. Shawn particularly enjoys seeing a design translate from paper to reality and the rewarding satisfaction of seeing people enjoy his designs after completion. He is particularly talented at creating thought-provoking design concepts and successfully developing a strong architectural language.

With his talent for speaking five languages and a strong understanding of culture, Shawn excels in the international environment. Outside of work, Shawn is a keen photographer and a talented badminton player.

Marcelino Malabana

Having worked at KSR China for almost nine years, Mar has led some remarkable projects in China. Beyond his easy going personality is a comprehensive knowledge of design and experience in creative and technical problem solving. Mar is passionate about cars and 3d model-making.

Aaron Liu

Aaron is highly knowledgeable and always ready to advise and assist. His confident approach to design and production drawing has inspired the KSR China design team to believe that almost anything can be drawn and built.

Mindy Pan

Mindy’s organisational skills and knowledge of English ensure the smooth running and efficiency of the China office.

Claire Jin

Claire quickly established herself in the China office as an integral member of the production team. She is known for delivering accurate information in a clear, efficient manner – and always with a smile.